Studying about forklifts

1. Forklift
Forklift  is a type of industrial truck used to lift and move materials and goods over short distances. Forklift was developed in the early 20th century by various companies, including Clark, which made the gearbox, and Yale & Towne Manufacturing, which made the boom. Since the Second World War, the use and development of forklifts has expanded worldwide. Nowadays, forklift has become an indispensable equipment in production and warehouse business. The lifting height of the forklift is usually from 3m to 6m, divided into two types of lifting frame, the normal type and the container type.

Classification of forklifts by engine use, including electric forklifts and diesel forklifts, according to conventional forklifts or container forklifts

Forklift configuration is very diverse, including engine, lifting height, working set: side shifter, nodding set, fork positioner.

2. Classification
Forklift is divided into three main categories based on the principles from simple to complex, from light to heavy, from low to high. The three main categories include
Manual forklift
Manual forklifts are used manually to move goods including hand pallet trucks, hand trolleys or can both move goods and lift goods, including hand pallet trucks. This type of vehicle uses a manual hydraulic jacking system and an exhaust valve system to lift and lower the goods. The usual height from the floor to the fork is at least 200mm. Lifting capacity and lifting height for this manual forklift both fall into the light and simple category, from 500kg - 1000kg for both moving and lifting, or 2500kg for moving but not lifting.

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Electric forklift
Electric forklifts are vehicles that use batteries or plug in electricity to replace human power to move and lift goods. It uses two motors, a traveling motor for moving, and a lifting motor for lifting. If only 1 motor is used for lifting or just moving, it is called a semi-automatic forklift, because only half the capacity uses the battery. If both motors are used for both moving and lifting, it is called an automatic forklift or an electric forklift. Lifting capacity and lifting height for electric forklifts are slightly higher than manual forklifts, which can lift up to 2500kg with a height of 6m. These vehicles are often used with shelving systems.

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Engine-powered forklift
An internal combustion engine forklift is a vehicle that uses an internal combustion engine to move and lift. Normally, when using this type of vehicle, people have to use lifting and moving goods with a large volume and high frequency that other vehicles cannot meet. The vehicle's structure is mainly composed of an engine running on gasoline, diesel or gas fuel, a chassis and tires like a car's structure, in addition to an additional hydraulic system to lift goods. The load capacity of the powered forklift truck can range from 1 ton to tens of tons. Normally, forklifts of 5 tons or less are widely used in factories and factories, and trucks with a tonnage of 10 tons or more are used in seaports to serve the lifting and lowering of large tonnage containers.

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In addition to the above forklifts, due to the need to build infrastructure, repair and maintain bridges and high-rise buildings, overhead forklifts are also born. Overhead forklifts have a height of up to 100m depending on the needs of the customer for the manufacturer. This type of forklift usually has a lifting assembly attached to the truck that can travel long distances like a normal vehicle, which is extremely convenient. Binh Loi is currently supplying this product to units in need. Contact for advice: 0898070098/ 0961565682

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