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Kelly bar is the key part of a drilling machine, and its quality directly affects the performance of the whole machine based on the rich manufacturing experience and by absorbing the advanced technology both at home and abroad, we can produce first-class kelly bars which can be matched with drilling rigs of Bauer, Sany, Soilmec, MAT, IMT, Casagrande, etc.

I. There are mainly two types of kelly bars

1.- Interlocking Kelly Bar

 Interlocking Kelly bars are used with piling rigs for drilling in dense sand and gravel and weak to strong rock. The Interlocking Kelly bars can be fully locked by mechanical locking system on each section. Kelly bars can be equipped with specially designed springs or pressure plates for shock absorbing purpose.

2.-Friction Kelly bar.

Friction Kelly bar is another type kelly bar, which the external key is composed of 3 or 6 wear -resistant strip without pressurizing point. This kelly bar can form pressure force when the kelly bar rotary, can produce peripheral force and the rotary passing down the pressure force, can produce the friction force. This kelly bar has the advantage of the operating sample, drilling deep, but with less pressure transmission. So this kelly bar is suitable for the soft and silt layer.

II.  Kelly bar can be classified into 3 main types by size

1. Kelly bar Size D=355 mm, connection neck 130x130 mm Fixed for Bored Pile Equipment such as Soilmec RT3S, RT3S-T; CMV TRM35-21

  2. Kelly bar Size D=300 mm, connection neck 130x130 mm Fixed for Bored Pile Drilling Rig such as Bicom R10HD

  3. Kelly bar Size D=406 mm, connection neck 200x200 mm Fixed for Hydraulic Drill such as Sany SR250; Bauer BG25, BG28; Soilmec SR60, SR80; IMT AF220

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