Services loading and unloading container

Binh Loi Co., Ltd. supplies sevices container loading and unloading quickly, conveniently, ensuring progress.

Binh Loi Co., Ltd. with many years in the field of import and export of construction equipment, we close containers, unload containers is the company's daily work. Currently, more and more businesses have the need to buy machinery and equipment from abroad or export construction machinery and equipment abroad but do not have enough experience and labor. From the company's resources, we provide this service to ensure that any customer, anyone can own the desired equipment from import as well as export when needed.

Container loading and unloading process

1. Receive customer information

2. Consulting, Quotation

3. Sign contracts and agreements

4. Carry out the work.

- For packing: We receive and hand over equipment at Binh Loi company's warehouse. Disassemble some parts of the device (if necessary) to fit the device into the container. Use cranes, excavators and necessary tools to put equipment into containers in accordance with safety regulations of shipping lines and carriers.

- For unloading: Receive containers containing equipment at the warehouse of Binh Loi Co., Ltd. Check equipment and container information received from customers. Use cranes, excavators and necessary tools to get equipment out of the container. Then install the device to make sure it can work properly

5. Handover acceptance

6. Payment – contract liquidation

Advantages of packing, loading and unloading service

With many years of experience in the field of import and export of construction equipment, Binh Loi will be a reliable packing and unloading unit by:

Binh Loi has many years of experience in ensuring that the packing, loading and unloading of goods and equipment are accurate and safe.

Binh Loi has a full range of auxiliary equipment, a team of experienced workers to ensure the time and progress of the work.

Binh Loi has a large warehouse, meeting the needs of dismantling machinery on-site as well as packing and dismantling containers on-site.

Binh Loi warehouse location is on the main road, spacious, convenient in and out

In addition, Binh Loi also provides entrusted import-export services for units that have needs but do not have import-export functions and do not have staff to take care of related procedures and papers.

From the above, we are confident to bring the best service to our customers.

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